General dentistry

In our dental surgery we offer a full-scale dental health provision, from filling to prosthetic dentistry and to different kinds of implantations. The plaque scaling is done by a painless ultrasonic method.

Operative dentistry

  • Root removing.
  • Root tip resection.
  • Cystectomy.
  • Treating of mobile teeth.
  • Extraction of impacted wisdomteeth.


We have performed implantations since 1990. Initially we placed screw and blade implants of German make. By the implantations it is possible to make fixed prosthesis instead of removable ones and preparing of the healthy teeth becomes avoidable. The mobile, unstable whole lower denture can be made fix and stable. On the whole, dental implantation makes the substitution of the original teeth more humane and by this way we are able to reconstruct the original anatomical conditions. Our earliest implantation case is 15 years old now and still being trouble free. Our new Alpha-Bio Tec implantations have been used for 3 years, with complete success.
The operations can be performed pain-free, the post-surgery pains are of minimal importance.

Aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening

We take great care of the fast and effective whitening of troublesome, greyish front-teeth. We also perform the whitening of the whole teething in our surgery. The treatment is hidden, remains unnoticeable for other persons